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A generation ago, physicians accepted that their career choices meant 80-hour work weeks and being on call 24 hours a day. Finding time to date and have a family was hard enough; spending quality time with them was nearly impossible. It seemed an eternity before retirement, but only the blink of an eye before one was too old to enjoy it. Sure, the pay was good...

READ MORE but was it really worth it?.Today, physicians expect more; they want a life and the time to enjoy it. Gone are the days when a physician will work extra shifts without question. Try to assign additional responsibilities, such as covering multiple hospitals or supervising midlevel providers, and your organization will likely be searching for a new physician shortly
My contemporaries appreciate the value of time. We desire satisfying careers, but not at the cost of an unsatisfying life. And, we get what we want – because the shortage of qualified physicians means we have our choice of jobs.
Every week, less than happy physicians contact Medifield Staffing seeking positions with shorter hours and less responsibility, at a facility with modern equipment and qualified support staff. We have no problem finding one for them.

If your organization is losing physicians, or having problems hiring one, maybe it’s because you’re not appealing to the needs of today’s physicians. Let us help. For any physicians still grinding through long hours and dreaming of a life they don’t have, contact us at 800.975.8380 or

Locum Tenens Physicians Should Plan for Licensing Requirements

The locum tenens lifestyle sounds appealing – because it is! You’ve spend years training to be a physician and being able to choose when, where, and how you work is the reward few professions offer. Before you quit your permanent position, however, be aware that success as a locum tenens requires...

READ MORE a bit of planning.Each physician’s situation is unique, but we all share common concerns when selecting our next assignments including salary, hours, family time, and work conditions. From my experience, one concern that is often overlooked is the different licensing requirements of each state. Specifically, the time required to become licensed varies between three and twelve weeks depending on the state.

If the state in which you want to work has a long approval process, it is imperative that you start that process early and follow through to quickly address any issues that delay approval. The good news is that many companies placing locum tenens physicians will pay for or reimburse your costs to comply.

For example, salary and climate are the two most important factors to me when I choose my locum tenens assignments. I do not want to work through, say, a Florida summer or a Minnesota winter; however, the opposite schedule would be great! To ensure I am able to work comfortably therefore, I have to schedule my assignments in advance. Completing the licensing requirements for those assignments in advance as well is part of that plan.

I love my locum tenens career. It has allowed me to experience all that America has to offer from wonderful small towns with their friendly people to big cities full of arts and culture to scenic locations with great hiking trails and natural beauty. I see all that without using my vacation days or personal funds to travel. All it requires is an ongoing plan, including state licensing, and execution of that plan in advance of the next assignment.

To learn more about working as an independent contractor, read my other blog post, “The Locum Tenens Lifestyle.”

Medifield Offers Free Career Consultation at Annual Industry Conference

From March 7 - 9th, 2018 Medifield Staffing will be attending the joint annual meeting of the National Association of Locum Tenens Organization and the National Association of Physician Recruiters meeting to be held at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes, in Orlando, Florida.In addition to...

READ MORE presenting.In addition to presenting its capabilities and experience to industry professionals, Medifield Staffing executives will be available to physicians for live career consultations at the conference and local area.

Our schedule for those individual meetings is filling up fast and interested parties should make an appointment immediately to ensure their access to this valuable free service. Contact us at 800.975.8380 or for further details and to reserve your appointment.

Medifield Staffing Sponsors Opening Night Activity for AAPI - YPS Conference

On February 16th, 2018, Medifield Staffing will sponsor opening night of the fifth annual Young Physicians Conference. Held at the Hyde nightclub inside the prestigious Bellagio Hotel, turnout is expected to exceed capacity. You are encourage to arrive early to ensure seating if desired...

READ MORE Medifield’s executive team will be present to introduce our company and announce a new relationship with the AAPI - YPS organizational team.

For interested attendees, Medifield will partner with Erin Aebel of SLK Law, a healthcare board certified attorney, and Dr. Stephanie Pearson of Pearson-Ravitz, a provider of life and disability insurance, to offer free career strategy consultations by appointment during the conference weekend.

Collectively, we represent Physicians Empowering Physicians (PEP), a social movement of physician empowerment that embraces a “pay it forward” philosophy. PEP is a closed forum intended to allow physicians to ask advice on all aspects of their career and life strategies. Questions can be posed to peers or our group of experts in malpractice, legal, financial, insurance, career planning, job search, medical missions and charities, etc. Membership is available by request to medical students as well. #PhysiciansEmpoweringPhysicians

Come join Medifield Staffing at the AAPI- YPS event from February 16- 18th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How I use my points earned while traveling locums

Working locum tenens has many advantages, one of which is the accumulation of points and miles from airlines, hotels, rental car agencies, and other services providers due to the frequent travel involved. It is possible to quickly earn a free flight or a few hotel nights by staying loyal to your favorite providers. For example, I have chosen...

READ MORE Delta Airlines and the Marriott Hotel chain as my preferred providers and have accumulated significant points, miles and, more importantly, member status with these companies. Status allows you other perks that aren’t always available to the general public. I will often choose a one-stop flight over a non-stop from another provider just for the award points. Combined with my credit card loyalty programs, I also enjoy access to Delta’s airport lounge where I am able to stop for a quick drink and food prior to my flight

I’ve used loyalty rewards to either reduce the cost or entirely pay for flights and hotels during expensive holiday periods and other peak travel days. I also recommend using Delta awards for international travel to upgrade to a first class seat on transcontinental flights when the extra space makes the long flights much more tolerable.

In addition, many loyalty programs partner with credit card companies to offer enhanced values or the ability to combine rewards. American Express, for example, has a very good partnership with Delta and Marriott that gets better as you graduate to their preferred gold or platinum cards. The Chase Bank Sapphire Reserve is another that allows you to transfer points earned to hotels and airlines. Do a little research to see which programs work best for your needs.

The Power of NO

It’s no secret that the medical profession has changed considerably in the last twenty years. Ostensibly for the better, yet the rate of physician ‘burn-out’ continues to rise.The rigorous training required for our profession leaves the new physician physically and emotionally drained – by design.Our friends from high school are typically well into their careers and new families before...

READ MORE we’ve even treated our first patient. We are told that the reward of being a doctor is worth it, but is it really?

The art of medicine, the reason most of us pursued the profession, has been lost in a sea of regulations, cost controls, and the pursuit of profit. The practice of medicine is now about the bottom line and not about the people’s lives we touch or how many patients see better outcomes from our efforts. Instead, the focus is on how many patients we see per hour, how much we increase billing per visit, or how many mid-level providers we supervise to increase revenue and decrease costs.

Faster and shorter patient visits, a superhuman workload – the new business model produces tired and worn out physicians and increases the risk of misdiagnoses. Our oath tells us to not harm patients; yet, we continue to take on more work and more liability that makes hard a statistical certainty.

But, who’s to blame? Is it really our employers’ faults that we just don’t say “NO”?

We must all learn to say no. Say no to requests to supervise multiple midlevel providers while seeing 18- 20 patients a day. Say no to requests to cover for another physician’s time off when the hospital should hire a locums physician to fill that gap instead. Say no to filling in extra shifts for weeks at a time when the hospital is supposedly “recruiting” staff to provide services they expanded against your better recommendation. Say no when you are asked to to cover two hospitals and three nursing homes. Say no to working until 9pm and 1:3 weekends without additional compensation. As long as you are saying “yes” to these scenarios, you are part of the problem at the root of physician burnout.

It’s possible that if only one physician said no, he or she might be fired. But, what if every physician on that organization’s team or at that facility said no? There is a nationwide physician shortage; we have the power and only just need to wield it. Physicians as a community need to speak up. There is power in numbers. You don’t have to form a political group. You don’t have to be litigious. You don’t have to be an expert negotiator. Just say “no”.


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